Commercial Agreement

Commercial Agreements are basically contracts between specific parties where both parties are required to perform or refrain from performing something of lawful nature. Excelon IP provides you legal support services along will IP related services like drafting commercial legal agreements. We have legal experts in different practice domains in Agreements and Contracts Drafting Services in India. We have a vibrant team of professionals proficient in handling IP related matters as well as various types of commercial legal agreements. Each and every business starting from an individual researcher to startup to SMEs or MSMEs to big domestic corporates to big international corporates, everyone needs legal support not just in terms of various day to day business decisions but also to safeguard their business interests from competitors as well as protect them and countermand from any legal disputes which may arise in future during the business. Timely and appropriate legal advice can save a business the tedious scenario of combating multiple legal hurdles as well as save considerable cost which would be an inevitable outcome if legal aspects are not carefully scrutinized and vetted before finalising business ventures with interested parties.

We offer different types of Commercial Legal Agreements & Business Contracts Documents.

Confidentiality Agreements Drafting

Confidentiality Agreements required while two parties are contracting for something then they might share some sensitive information with each other for the benefit of both but the parties never want to share such information like trade secrets, with any other person so they execute a confidentiality agreement which binds both the parties to keep the entity’s secrets confidential. Confidentiality agreements can be one way (for a single part) or mutual (for both parties).

Supply contracts Drafting

A Supply Contract is an agreement between two parties where the seller makes a promise to supply the specified goods at a particular location at a particular point of time as mentioned in the contract and the purchaser agrees to purchase and pay the consideration in return.

Website Terms & Conditions Drafting

Website Terms and Conditions aka Website T&C or Terms of Use (ToU) are legally binding documents on the user of the website wherein the user agrees to abide by the terms and conditions stated on the website.

Distribution Agreements Drafting

Distribution agreements are the legal agreement executed between the supplier and the distributor or a distributor with some other distributor in relation to the distribution of some kind of goods which are allowed to be traded in the legal context.

Agency Agreement Drafting

Agency agreements are kinds of legal contracts that create a fiduciary relationship where the primary party agrees that the actions performed by the secondary party bind the primary party to future agreements made by the secondary party viz. the agent as if the primary party has executed such agreements.

Franchise Agreements Drafting

Franchise agreements are the agreement executed between the franchiser and the franchisee wherein the terms and conditions and obligations of both the parties are specified.

Joint Venture Agreements Drafting

Joint Venture agreements are basically agreements where two business entities develop another business entity for some mutual benefit. Usually, it involves the sharing of resources like finances, labour, tools and equipment, fixed assets, as well as intellectual properties.

Licensing Agreements Drafting

Licensing agreements are the contract is executed between a licensor and a licensee. Basically in a licensing agreement, the licensor grants some rights to the licensee which may or may not involve the performance of some obligations. There are many kinds of licensing agreements like the right to production or selling of goods, using a trademark or using a patented technology owned by the licensor in exchange for royalties.

Assignments of Contracts Drafting

Assignments of Contracts are the contract through which a party who is already a party to an existing contract assigns the contractual obligations as well as the profits and rights to some other party.

Service Agreements Drafting

Service agreements are the agreement between 2 or more parties or between business entities to provide the specified services to the parties involved. The service agreement binds both parties to the agreement.

IP related Agreements Drafting

We provide our clients with all kinds of IP related agreements for licensing like technology licensing and technology transfer agreements, trademark licensing as well as trademark franchising agreements, copyright licensing agreements. We also offer agreements for assignment of IP assets like that for patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights and geographical indications.

E-Book Publishing Agreement Drafting

E-Book Publishing Agreements is an agreement which grants the rights to the publisher to publish the book written by the author as an eBook. Where the author is provided with a royalty or considerations towards the sale of that.

Music License Agreement Drafting

A music license agreement is executed between the creator of the music and third parties where the creator allows the third party to distribute or use the music in other forms in exchange for a consideration.

Drafting of Legal Documents: Commercial Agreements & Business Contracts Drafting Law Firm | EXCELON IP

A proper framework and documentation is the key to managing risk and effective operation of an enterprise. Precise documentation enhances the value of the business activity being conducted, assures all the parties/stakeholders in the said business activity of predictable outcomes and allows all the concerned parties in focusing their best efforts on what is most important – their business. 

Documentation provides the groundwork for governing a particular business transaction or relationship – with customers and suppliers, co-partners, co-shareholders or investors. Excelon IP is a one-stop solution for all types of commercial legal agreements.