Future of Intellectual Property Rights in
Electric Vehicles Space

The importance regarding the protection of the Intellectual Property Rights and the awareness regarding filing of the Intellectual Property in India is getting its due recognition. The Trend in the above graph validates the fact that intellectual property in India is becoming mainstream in the field of innovation and research as well as the commercialisation of Intellectual Property Rights it is also increasing at rapid pace.

Electric Vehicles space is not much left behind in the trend, Electric Vehicles are not only new theme in the Automobile Sector but also future of global Automobile Sector.

The focus and limelight on Patents related to battery technology, and ever growing EV technology has led to greater innovation into battery technology as well. It is crucial as well as urgent for the government to push for carbon reduction. Vehicular carbon emission are top priority, to be solved. There has been an increasing amount of patents filed related to energy storage innovation focusing on improved battery technology.

The EV industry is bound to grow at a great scale in a near short term future. We will see lots of patents being filed in the innovative field related to EV such as batteries, motors, controllers, chargers, and testing equipment for Electric Vehicles. India is in righty placed to create solutions with a hybrid model like solar battery and mains back-up, all in one solution.

Rapid Increase in the Intellectual Property Rights filing in EV space

As specific data regarding Patents filing in the space of EV in India is not available, But from the graph depicting statistics of Patents filed in the EV space in United States of America shows clear trend of the sector which none the less correlates with the India EV space and patent filing in the sector as well.

One can grasp the amount of increased Patent Grants, as well as the ever increasing Patent Filing graph that India is also not much left behind in the innovation and futuristic technology space along with EV space, of which India is huge future potential market.

As the automobile sector evolves, the most successful players will be those who not only innovate but also protect – and ultimately monetise – their ideas and developments.

The Increasing Patent Filing and granting is an early indication of how competitive the space of innovation is going to be in terms of protecting their Intellectual Property Rights.

The future of the EV space came into focus and got an accelerated pace, funding and incentives after the government’s push to make India an all-electric passenger vehicle market by the time we reach 2030 through PLI and various other initiatives. After accepting the idea of going electric, the automotive sector that had already begun its journey towards the future of mobility got more boost and motivation towards it, and is rapidly evolving in terms of technology and making a sustainable future. Many Start-ups, auto-manufacturers are creating separate, as well as parallel EV businesses to contribute to the EV boom. India is still at a very nascent stage, compared to global markets but is catching up at rapid pace by innovation at multiple levels in the EV technology.

For Better understanding, we must look at the number of patents granted to EV manufacturers. The trends of the filing/granting of patent are significant as they define a telescopic vision of how the industry is changing from new products invented, to research, innovation and development, all the way up to dissemination and business market development and commercialisation.

There has been surge in the Patent for Electric Vehicle charging station. Adoption of EVs has led to increase in the number of filing of patents for charging infrastructure also including wireless Electric Vehicle charging. The major issue (elephant in the room) is even the charging stations will need backups because we still struggle with power cuts in India. Patent data for the Electric Vehicle sector is a confirming sign that electric vehicles as a sector has enormous scope to contribute to the future of mobility. The industry is still developing and ever evolving and we can definitely expect a few astonishing revelations in the coming years of transition in the auto sector.

As the Automobile sector faces a coupling of adjoining technologies. This convergence will lead to the filing of an disproportionate number of new patents and lead to patent disputes, arguments and licensing across the EV space.

Thus Protecting Intellectual Properties and defending them will become a must for all the players in the EV space.

Given data suggests the convergence of adjacent technologies such as charging stations, batteries and other technologies in the field of EV. Also the rapid growth of demand and innovation in the field and a converging trend in overall adjacent technologies in the EV space.

 In order to safeguarding the intellectual properties, Patents will play a major role in shaping the future of automobile sector in India and its sustenance. Manufacturers and innovators will be focused on creating, designing and manufacturing products that will give them a competitive advantage over other players in the space and Patents will act as tool to help them protect their contribution and innovation. This entire system will eventually help to push for new dynamic market structure of the mobility sector.

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