IP Search & Analytics

Why Patent Search is a crucial step in Patent Prosecution?

To successfully get through the patent prosecution, a comprehensive and exhaustive patent search and analysis is required. A strategy is essential to identify the closest prior art complemented with a detailed analysis of all technical features of the patent. We have an expert team of IP Analysts to carry out IP Search & Analytics Services in India. Excelon IP assures you a quality and tailored approach towards intellectual property search and analytics to our clients. Our team of experts possess the capabilities to find the targeted results and attempts to provide IP analytics which might further help you maximize the commercial worth of your inventions.

Novelty Search Services

A novelty search is basically a quick and rapid search performed in various databases before starting with the drafting of a patent. A quick novelty search aims to identify a prior art which will knock out the novelty feature of such an idea is found in the database. Our designated team of experts can provide you with a comprehensive novelty search report.

Patentability Search Services

A distinguished patentability search is an important step for the invention as it helps to decide whether such an invention can be patented or not. A thorough patentability search will help in identifying the closest patent which will further help in identifying whether the novelty of the invention clashes with the prior art or not. If the invention stands for novelty, then the claims will be drafted accordingly, around the closest patent to the invention so that the novel features are easily identifiable as well as understandable.

Infringement Search Services

This type of search is required to be performed to find out if the invention is infringing on someone else’s patent or not. If any infringement exists, it will be identified at this particular stage. The features of the invention are searched to identify a similarly existing invention or claims of some invention. Already existing patents in force are looked for to perform a successful infringement search.

Freedom to Operate Search Services (FTO Search)

This is an extended arm of infringement search. To perform a Freedom-to-operate search not only existing patents are searched but also every other expired patent, as well as publicly available document, is searched for.

State of Art Search Services

To enter into a particular industry it is important for the inventor to know about the industry and the current state of technology in the targeted field. State of Art search helps understand the current state of the industry from an aerial perspective which will further help the inventor make an informed decision about his invention.

Markush Structure Assessment (Molecular Structure Search)

Markush structure is basically a depiction of a chemical structure that can be used to show related compounds. While filing a patent, pharma companies usually prepare a very general claim for using of the molecule without disclosing to the competitors the particular molecules for which they are introducing a practical application.

Trademark Search Services

Excelon IP also provides for quality trademark searches from trademark databases. Trademark search basically assures the client about the novelty and the distinctiveness of a particular trade name, mark, a symbol, a logo or a combination of any of the above.

Whitespace Analysis

In order to find white space for making informed decisions around research and development or IP commercialization, we provide distinguished IP analytics solutions well suited to clients’ objectives. Our quality analytics complemented with expert advice will help you maintain your position in this era of competition.