IP Strategy

Innovation is one of the most important factors which escalates civilization towards a buoyant economic growth. Whether you’re an innovator or a person of interest who wants to adapt the transforming technologies, Excelon IP, the No. 1 IP Strategy Consulting firm in India, will help you get the maximum of your Intellectual Property assets. Excelon IP can help start-ups, SMEs, corporate, colleges & universities and other patent owners determine the true worth of their intellectual creations and help them with effective intellectual property management.

Our comprehensive approach towards your innovation & sustainable intellectual property administration is based on a personalized IP strategy well suited for your organisation. The exceptional experience of Excelon IP, complemented with the years of industrial experience of the experts in the field, will help you excel with your intellectual property assets in this era of highly competitive industries.

Comprehensive IP Strategy

To keep up with the market and lead the industry, it is important to have innovative and comprehensive strategies which will help you attain growth and success in the most effective manner with greater efficiencies.

Dynamic IP Management

We can help you create a dynamic IP strategy which is effective, more than reactive. This kind of strategy will furnish you with all the relevant details long before someone enquires to you.

Effective IP Administration

If your focal point of interest is strategic aspects of IP administration, but there exists a fight with time, leave the worry to us, our experts will help you with optimizing them all.

Excellent & Innovative Strategies

Be a market leader and stand out in the crowd by knowing the true worth of your IP assets using our personalized IP strategies. Maximize your return on investments by using our business support and corporate strategies.

Smart Services

We can research and create an analysis report for your IP assets which will help you make informed decisions regarding your intellectual creations. You can pursue your business objectives using our expertise.

Strategic Services

Our tailor-made IP strategies will sync with your visions and missions for your entity and help you attain your goals and greater profits. Our custom made strategies for our clients covers all significant areas of IP management, IP creation, IP protection, monetizing your IP assets as well as making intelligent & profitable investments.

Market Readiness

By making an assessment of your IP portfolio, we can tell you those IP assets whose commercialization will help you provide maximum return on investment.

Pharma Strategy (Pharma IP Strategy)

Strategizing intellectual property assets for a pharmaceutical sector is more challenging considering the complexities. The pharma industry has heavy regulations with regard to intellectual property assets which makes it complex in nature. These stringent rules & regulations exist to prevent misinterpretations among the fellow users as well as professionals while using medications, which can further lead to death causing consequences if not taken care of. When you are considering to file for a trademark or a patent, it requires great attention to every minute detail complemented with in-depth knowledge and years of experience to navigate through the processes in order to procure intellectual property assets. It is recommended to consult an IP professional to strategize and manage your intellectual property rights. Excelon IP specializes in IP services specific to the pharma sector. Our team of experts can help you strategize as well as manage your intellectual property assets throughout the life cycle of the assets.

ANDA Strategy (Abbreviated New Drug Application)

A drug which is protected through a Tradename, as well as the patent, is a brand name drug. When the patent for the drug expires it can be commercialized as a generic drug after approval from US FDA (Food & Drug Administration). So, a generic drug is the same as already commercialized brand name drug carrying the same characteristics, in terms of quality and strength as well as the dosage. A generic drug works the same as the brand name drug. One of the important constituents of commercial as well as the regulatory structure of the pharma sector is drug development (generic) and its approval, that is regulated and controlled by the ANDA process. Once the application is approved, the applicant can produce and commercialize the generic drug in order to provide the equivalent product of that of a brand name drug at a much lower cost. You have to have a strong strategic angle while navigating through the complex regulatory processes of ANDA. Excelon IP is a team of IP Attorneys which possess the required experience and the state of the art to get through the complex legal processes.