IP Commercialization

What is IP Commercialization?

The worth of an IP asset lies in the commercialization of such assets and not necessarily in creation. Mergers and acquisitions originate because of the expertise, the intellectual property rights reserved by the big entities, which is a dominance of IP in the industry. A business entity acquires the competitive edge only but putting use to their creation that is, commercializing their IP assets. EXCELON IP is one of the best IP Commercialization Services in India.

Commercialization of IP  helps to bring in investments. It is necessary for a company to realize the importance of such assets and commercialize the IP assets in time and reap the fruits of their own creations since this is one of the most powerful assets for an entity which escalates the bright future of a business entity. Consequently, the commercialisation of intellectual property is a necessary activity as it allows the business entity or the creator to seek his/her share from the people or society in exchange for access to their creations to the people at a wider level.

How to Commercialize your IP Assets?

Commercialization can be achieved for intellectual property assets either by assigning the IP rights or by licensing it. Assignment of rights is similar to selling a tangible property, wherein it involves the complete transfer of ownership rights from one person to another. On the other hand, licensing of IP rights means withholding the ownership rights and giving away the rights of use to some other person or entity on the agreed terms of use for a limited period of time. Under licensing, ownership rights are retained by the proprietor of such intellectual property assets.

In order to license your IP assets, it is a prerequisite to have a strategy for the maximum benefit of the owner of the holder of IP assets. By licensing, the creator can generate a much-needed revenue which can be further used for the creation, development and production of new IP assets. Considering the benefit from a marketing angle, the licensor has the benefits of expanding his/her reach across the world and markets. If we consider a strategic angle while licensing an IP asset, the licensor will save the cost of production, distribution channel, marketing and other associated expenditures, which would otherwise be a heavy load. Licensing provides for the benefit of originating futuristic strategic relationships among the licensors and the licensee which may further provide scope for greater licensing partnerships.

By now it is very clear in your mind, that the value of your intellect is close to nil until you convert it into an asset which will earn you the invested capital to develop the idea complemented with profits. Commercialization of intellectual property assets is inclusive of a series of activities like creation, development, strategy, protection, management and finally value addition of intellectual property assets through commercialization. Some ingredients are required for conversion of an original idea to the desired asset such as innovation as well as creative efforts, some persistence, a well-formed strategy for its future.

We are a known name in providing various intellectual property services inclusive of IP commercialization. We help the creators as well as the business entities in scrutinizing their ideas, providing it with a foundation, checking for its commercial viability, providing for our expertise on IP protection and management strategies and connecting them with industry mentors through our network. Our team of experts at Excelon IP provide varied IP commercialization services to our clients.