Madrid Trademark application filing

The Madrid Protocol is an arrangement or the system offered by WIPO to get trademark protection in multiple countries through single application. Currently 128 countries are member of Madrid protocol that means you can file trademark application for 128 countries through a single application. In simple words The Madrid Protocol is an international treaty designed[…read more ]

PCT Patent Filing

PCT (Patent Co-operation Treaty) in an international treaty came in to existence in 1970. PCT facilitates patent filing in all its member state countries through single filing. PCT is managed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) having head quarter at Geneva and have 156 contracting states/country as on November 2022. When one should to[…read more ]

Trademark prosecution services

Based on our vigilant search process, chances of getting major objections are very less. However in case if any objection comes through examination report, we have technical expert team to handle all such query through written reply. Even after reply in few case, if hearing is scheduled, we have all resources to prepare and appears[…read more ]

Geographical Indication

Why Geographical Indications? A Geographical indication indicates that particular goods originate from a country, region or locality and has some special characteristics, qualities or reputation which could be attributable to the place of its manufacture. The special characteristics, qualities or reputation attached to products or goods may be due to various factors, for instance natural[…read more ]

Trademark Watch/TM Monitoring

Trademark Watch Service | EXCELON IP – Trademark Monitoring Firm  We at EXCELON IP offer Trademark Monitoring Services with the most affordable cost for Trademark Watch Service. Once you acquire a trademark in your name doesn’t mean it is safeguarded completely. Getting a trademark in your name ease up the trademark enforcement and gives you[…read more ]

Trademark Valuation Services

Valuation of Trademark | EXCELON IP – Trademark Valuation Law Firm  It is very important for a business entity to realize the true worth of their intellectual property assets. A trade name acquires a brand value after continuous and concurrent use. Understanding the value of an IP asset helps to maximize its commercialization. Trademark Valuation[…read more ]

Trademark Licensing Services

Trademark Licensing | EXCELON IP – Brand Licensing Companies  Trademark is not just a unique mark which protects the product you trade in a particular industry but it is an intellectual asset through which people recognize your product, it is a name or symbol, logo, or a combination of any of these which becomes the[…read more ]

Trademark Opposition Search

Trademark Opposition | EXCELON IP – Trademark Opposition Services Law Firm  Sometimes someone knowingly or unknowingly infringes on your trademark which is a very in-competitive business practice to do. A trademark owner holds exclusive rights of ownership of the mark and can restrain someone who is using an identical mark for their business practices. Here[…read more ]