Trademark Search Services

We at EXCELON IP offer Trademark Search Services with a devoted team for Trademark Search &  Registration Services. There are certain preconditions which need to be fulfilled before approaching trademark registration. It is important that your trade name or mark must comply with the prerequisites prescribed under the act. What is a Trademark? A trademark[…read more ]

Copyright Commercialization Services

Commercialization of Copyrights | EXCELON IP – Copyright Advocates  Copyright is awarded to someone for the artistic creation of their intellectual minds. A copyrighted work gives one the exclusive rights of ownership to the creator. The creator can realize the true potential and worth of this intellectual property asset only by commercializing it in the[…read more ]

Copyright Enforcement Services

Enforcement of Copyright | EXCELON IP – Copyright Enforcement Law Firm  We at EXCELON IP offer Copyright Enforcement Services with dedicated Copyright Attorneys to enforce your Copyrights. When you get your work or creation registered at the copyright office you are provided with certain absolute rights like rights of use, right to reproduce, right to[…read more ]

Copyright Filing Service

Copyright Lawyer | EXCELON IP – Copyright Law firm  Copyright protection is obtained for some kind of artistic or literary work in the industry. A literary work is a creation of an intellectual as well as an inspired mind and deserves to be provided with extraordinary rights of such creation. One has to fulfil some[…read more ]

Design Commercialization & Valuation

Commercialization of Industrial Design | Valuation of Industrial Design | EXCELON IP – Design Patent Company If you have created an industrial design then it is definite that you want a return from your creative efforts. Once you have created something ornamentally unique you must think of reaping the fruits of such creation by finding[…read more ]

Design Protection & Opposition

We are the leading industrial Design Law Firm, specializes in Industrial Design Protection and Design Opposition Services. The stylish and aesthetic creation of a human mind is required to be protected through industrial designs. At times, it is also required to enforce your rights in order to restrain third parties to infringe on your intellectual[…read more ]

Design Filing Services

Industrial Design Filing & Prosecution Service | EXCELON IP – Design Patent Attorney We are one of the best Industrial Design Right Services with highly experienced Design Patent Attorneys and Industrial Design Rights Consultants. In this era of creativity and innovation, we come across many such things or articles which we and people, in general,[…read more ]

Patent Analytics Services

Acquiring patent protection and doing a thorough analysis of a patent idea are just the two sides of the same coin. It’s not enough to acquire a patent but it is also necessary to analyse the idea through different perspectives for instance feasibility or viability and commercialization. It is also important to know about the[…read more ]

Patent Valuation Services

We at EXCELON IP offers the most affordable Patent Valuation Services in Ahmedabad, India. In order to commercialize and to know about the true worth of your intellectual property assets, it is important to conduct a patent valuation. It helps you realize new angles and identifies the most suited approach for commercialization. Also, by knowing[…read more ]

Patent Licensing Services

Creating & acquiring a patent is a very expensive process in terms of time as well as money. One must reap the fruits of their investment of resources, body and mind by commercializing their creations and leveraging it to further create and open new doors of opportunity. Commercializing a patent through licensing is an important[…read more ]