Patent Valuation Services

We at EXCELON IP offers the most affordable Patent Valuation Services in Ahmedabad, India. In order to commercialize and to know about the true worth of your intellectual property assets, it is important to conduct a patent valuation. It helps you realize new angles and identifies the most suited approach for commercialization. Also, by knowing the true worth of your intellectual property asset you always know about the incremental growth of your business entity in the industry and also helps you restructure your R & D costs.

What is Patent Valuation?

The true gems of any business are its intangible assets, which contributes to building a great entity.
The intangible assets of a business-like patent require a valuation check on the basis of market trends. IP valuation is a very significant part of the business entity as intellectual property assets like patents, gives a chase to competitors. As rightly said in almost all industries, innovation slices competition. Valuation of intellectual property aids in realizing your true organisational value and also helps in monetizing those assets. Initially while obtaining a patent, there is definitely a high risk of investment but on the other front, there is a huge potential of IP commercialization right ahead if the patent proves to be valuable. It is evident that the risk between both is not in symmetry.

You can extract the worth of your patent by licensing it exclusively or non-exclusively, or by selling it or by keeping the market in your own hands if you possess the means to an end that is, capital to produce, market and sell your own invention.

Patent Valuation Methods

There are various factors which affect the valuation of your patent like the purpose for which you’re finding a valuation viz. finding valuation of the patent from the perspective of industrial value or for the purpose of making the investment are far from each other. There are various logical methods of finding the valuation of patents on the basis of purpose. The method chosen to find out valuation of the patent also affect its value. There are also other miscellaneous factors which affect the valuation of a patent like the way people respond to that product/ service invention as well as the demand of the product while on the other side, the miscellaneous factors can affect the patent valuation negatively if there is a risk of new players in the industry.

Benefits of Patent Valuation / Patent Portfolio Valuation

A detailed patent valuation will aid in understanding and stating the terms and conditions of licensing better while taking a licence as well as providing it to third parties on licence. It also enables the company to get to know about the true and genuine royalty rates of the patented invention. The patent valuation also helps the companies while they are planning on partnering or merging and acquiring with other potential entities. It helps the company to make well-informed decisions with a range of figures in front of them. Out of many existing industrial sectors, the pharmaceutical industry is a few of the most substantial industrial sector where research and development are very costly as well as unpredictable. One of the significant benefits of patent valuation is it helps in optimizing the costs of R&D, strategically. As we have all deduced by now that patents are the key assets in the economic development of an entity and the importance of realizing its true worth.

EXCELON IP – the best Patent Valuation Companies

Valuation of patents is knowledge-based, a lengthy exercise which also requires a set of skills. Nowadays there are many companies which offer IP valuation services. We are a dedicated team of IP professionals at Excelon IP in association with professional chartered accountants, who helps companies realizing the true worth of their inventions. With our expertise and dedicated support, clients can set new boundaries of growth.