Patent Prosecution Services

We are one of the best Patent Prosecution firms in Ahmedabad, India with top-notch Patent Prosecution Attorneys in our Team.  Innovation in this age of era leads to industry leadership and the greater good of the nation and if you give the innovator some exclusive rights over the intellectual property asset, it leads to more[…read more ]

Patent Filing Services

A series of actions are required to be performed before getting your patent granted, which begins with the prior art search, patentability analysis followed by preparation of patent draft or patent specification. Subsequently, the patent draft is filed at the patent office for review and examination and undergoes an extensive examination at the patent office[…read more ]

Patent Drafting Services

To acquire a patent, the invention should be described fully including the claims with regard to the invention, precisely and in detail. While drafting a patent, it must be ensured that the disclosure must be presented in a way that a person possessing the knowledge of the field should be able to bring the invention[…read more ]

IP Commercialization

What is IP Commercialization? The worth of an IP asset lies in the commercialization of such assets and not necessarily in creation. Mergers and acquisitions originate because of the expertise, the intellectual property rights reserved by the big entities, which is a dominance of IP in the industry. A business entity acquires the competitive edge[…read more ]

Design Service

Protection can be acquired for the shape, structure and form of intellectual property known as Industrial Design. An industrial Design can be defined as that part, the form, shape and structure or design (in entirety) of an article which is ornamental in nature as well as aesthetic. It can be multi-dimensional viz. It may possess[…read more ]