The Future of AI and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) 

In an era characterized by rapid technological advancement and disruptive innovation, the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and intellectual property rights (IPR) offer a fascinating glimpse into the future. As AI technology continues to develop and penetrate various industries, the IPR landscape is transforming in ways that were previously unimaginable. This blog explores the exciting[…read more ]

Why Your Business Needs Intellectual Property Services Now More Than Ever

We’ve all heard the infamous dialogue ‘Identity theft is not a joke, Jim’ from the popular series ‘The Office.’ Apart from the countless funny memes on the same, it has a lot of significance nowadays. Identity theft may be equated as being more or less similar to stealing someone’s idea. And yeah, we know that[…read more ]

The Tryst Between Intellectual Property and Blockchain Technology

By Saiesha Dhawan, Intern at Excelon IP Introduction  In today’s date, blockchain technology is commonly associated with cryptocurrency and NFT, which these concepts are inherently linked, blockchain technology has a lot to offer independently. The technology was initially created to secure a chain of blocks cryptographically so that the timestamps in the documents couldn’t be[…read more ]

India: Copyright Societies & Their Roles

By: DHRUV PANDYA, Intern at Excelon IP The following blog discusses Copyright Societies and their functions, meaning, registration in India, active copyright societies in India as well as collection & distribution of monetary value (as commission & royalty) by copyright societies.  Copyright societies are formed collectively by a group of authors and other owners of[…read more ]

Comprehensive Study on Section 9 for Absolute grounds for refusal of registration and Section 11 for Relative grounds for refusal of registration of Trademark Act, 1999.

By Rekha Anand The comparative nature of Sections 9 and 11 are primarily based on the Grounds of Refusal.  Section 9 Section 11 Marks that are devoid of distinctive character  Marks which create confusion in public  Marks that serve to designate the kind, quality, intended purpose, values, geographical origin or the time of production of[…read more ]

An Overview of Design Protection

Amongst different kinds of Intellectual Property Rights, the one most important is Industrial Design Protection Act where the design system focuses on the aesthetic feature of an article derived from its visual appearance. The Design Protection law has a right to protect the shape, configuration, pattern, ornament or combination of lines or colors applied to[…read more ]

All you need to know about Trademarks

What is a Trademark? A Trademark is a mark that uniquely represents a business or the product. It has the capability of identifying and distinguishing each product. By receiving the trademark registration, one gets exclusive rights & can prevent others from exploiting. What do Trademarks do? A trademark will help to protect certain aspects of[…read more ]

The Aftermath of Change: The Abolishment of the IPAB and the Establishment of the IPD

By Saiesha Dhawan (Intern at Excelon IP) Introduction  The Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) was abolished in April 2021 with the passing of the Tribunals Reforms (Rationalization and Conditions of Service) Ordinance, 2021, despite a number of representations to keep the IPAB operational. What led to the end of this 18-year-old board is still unclear;[…read more ]