Unveiling Zerodor’s Waterless Revolution: Is a Patent-Powered Future Flushed Away?

Shark Tank India’s recent spotlight on Zerodor’s waterless urinal sparked curiosity about its revolutionary design and its potential impact on sustainability. But how does Zerodor protect its innovation? Let’s dive into the world of patents and explore the intriguing story behind this eco-friendly solution.

Unveiling the Patent Puzzle:

Two patents seem to hold the key: IN352065 and IN472273. While they point towards Zerodor’s commitment to innovation, a crucial question remains: Do these patents truly shield the specific technology showcased on Shark Tank? Further investigation is needed to confirm this definitively.

However, what we do know is impressive. Patent IN352065 focuses on odor prevention, granted in 2020, while IN472273, awarded in 2023, delves into broader sanitary plumbing innovations. The inventors behind both patents are associated with Ekam Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the brains behind Zerodor.

Beyond Patents: Innovation in Action

Zerodor’s waterless urinal boasts a unique mechanical system. A valve allows urine passage while blocking ammonia emissions, eliminating the need for water flush. This translates to several key benefits:

Eco-warrior: Saves precious water, a crucial step towards environmental sustainability.

Maintenance Marvel: No water, no chemicals, no electricity – reduced costs and hassle-free upkeep.

Budget-Friendly Hero: Competitive pricing makes it accessible for both commercial and residential spaces.

Adaptable Ace: Seamless retrofitting into existing restrooms ensures easy adoption.

From IIT to Shark Tank:

Uttam Banerjee and Sachin Joshi, founders of Ekam Eco Solutions, established the company in 2013, building upon IIT Delhi’s sanitation research initiatives. Their Shark Tank India pitch sought ₹1 Crore for 3% equity, but negotiations with Peyush Bansal fell short, leaving the deal unsealed.

The Final Flush:

Zerodor’s waterless urinal exemplifies the power of innovation in tackling environmental challenges. While the full patent picture remains to be explored, its commitment to sustainability and ingenuity is undeniable.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the impact of intellectual property in startup journeys.

By Sanjaykumar Patel (Excelon IP)

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