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We at EXCELON IP offer Trademark Monitoring Services with the most affordable cost for Trademark Watch Service. Once you acquire a trademark in your name doesn’t mean it is safeguarded completely. Getting a trademark in your name ease up the trademark enforcement and gives you extraordinary rights of use and ownership of such assets. To ensure protection after you obtain a trademark you need to keep a regular check for infringers as well as those who are filing fresh trademark applications similar to your registered mark. Keeping a watch will help in the identification of potential threats and holding ownership rights will help you combat in infringement suits.

What is Trademark Monitoring aka Trademark Watch?

Once you have registered a trademark or accorded the status of the registered mark doesn’t mean that it has been safeguarded completely. You need to be active and keep looking or I would say keep a watch on the freshly filed applications to check whether someone’s mark infringes on your already registered mark or not. However, registration of a trademark is only the primary step in order to effectively protect your mark or brand name or product name. It’s important to ensure that the potential infringers keep away from the brand. In order to ensure that, the fresh and the newly filed application are watched for finding a potential infringer, if any, and restraining them from moving further with the application.

Why is the Trademark Watch Service crucial nowadays?

The earlier such kinds of potential infringers are identified, the easier it will be for the business entities to enforce their intellectual property rights. This is the matter when a third person or entity is trying to obtain a registration for similar or nearly similar mark and the real owners of the brand have a stipulated period of time for filing an opposition to challenge such applications. Now, if the deadline is crossed it is still possible to oppose the registration of the mark but it will raise the costs as well as enhance the difficulties in doing so. Trademark watch is also beneficial in the sense, it helps you now about what your competitors and the third party organisations are doing, or if they are trying to enter the market. If you still don’t prefer to take action, yet the insights will be helpful in altering your commercial strategies.

Identical Trademark Monitoring vs Similar Trademark Monitoring

There are different kinds of form of trademark monitoring like identical trademark monitoring and similar trademark monitoring. Identical trademark monitoring helps in identification of trademarks which are identical either visually or phonetically. Whereas the similar trademark monitoring helps in identification of confusingly similar or identical marks. An IP professional will not only supply you a list of potential infringers but also helps you understand the impact on your organisation and suggest follow-up strategies accordingly.

Trademark Monitoring Strategy

To monitor your trademark an IP professional will devise a well-suited trademark strategy in accordance with your market size and your reach. The trademark strategy must cover all the applications of the trademark registries in order to find out such conflicting applications. Usually, a monitoring service covers everything from plain words to stylish logos. If an organisation has a wide market and its organisation is working at a global level, it will neither be feasible nor possible to look at every industry in every jurisdiction. In such cases, the expert in the field may prioritize to secure core trademarks of the organisation and the most important jurisdictions are covered while warranting security to a brand.

Trademark Monitoring & Global Trademark Monitoring

This process of trademark monitoring includes the activity of monitoring every application which is being filed in all the trademark offices of India. It requires a constant watch on other’s applications so that the registered marks will not be misused and the integrity of the brand will not be affected. The main aim for keeping a trademark watch is to avert any kind of malafide, confusingly similar or identical registration of the mark with the trademark registry of India. A similar trademark will end cutting out the market thereby decreasing profits and may affect the reputation of the brand terribly.

We have a vibrant team of professionals at Excelon IP who can provide you with expert services of trademark monitoring/Trademark watch Services, to secure the reputation and the long-built goodwill of your brand in India.