PCT Patent Filing

PCT (Patent Co-operation Treaty) in an international treaty came in to existence in 1970. PCT facilitates patent filing in all its member state countries through single filing. PCT is managed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) having head quarter at Geneva and have 156 contracting states/country as on November 2022.

When one should to go for PCT patent application?

If you have business opportunity in international market and would like to secure your patent rights in other countries, it is advisable to go for PCT patent application.


PCT patent application has to be filed within 12 months from priority date.


It involves International transmittal fees, International search authority fees and any additional fees for extra pages and claims.

Why one should go for PCT patent application? What are the advantages?

  • Single application protects your rights in 156 countries till 30/31 months from priority date
  • No need to file any translation
  • Single fees
  • No need to higher multiple patent attorney
  • Provides publication
  • Provides international search report on patentability
  • Provides you sufficient time to analyze business interest in other country before doing investment

One has to clear that PCT is not going to grant any patent and it is not a global or international patent. PCT  or WIPO just facilitates the patent applications. Later you have to file patent in individual country of interest.

At Excelon IP, we are having team of Patent Agent qualified to file PCT patent application and handhold you in whole process and can also guide for PCT national phase entry in any other countries.

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