Agrichemical Engineering

Just like in the pharma sector, the research and development required in the agrochemical industry are extensively complemented with big investments in terms of time & money. Innovations in agrochemical industries are required to comply with so many legal regulations and navigate through the processes of obtaining protection for such innovations. Evolution and growth in this industry can only be ensured by constant innovation and exploration of new possibilities. Agrochemicals like plant growth regulators, herbicides or pesticides, insecticides and fungicides can be protected through patents. A novel compound can also be patented, and further patent protection can be obtained for its varied applications or its combination with some other compound as well as new formulations. Another IP protection can be obtained for a new variety of plants or seeds which are advantageous to the environment. Also, trademarks, trade secrets are yet another IP protection that offers excellent commercial protection.

Excelon IP has a designated team of highly experienced people working in this area who can provide you with the best of kind IP strategies for your innovations and help you maximize your benefits by showing different angles to your innovation as well as capturing maximum benefits out of your IP Assets.

Case Study

Industry: Fertilizer Company

Project Requirements: The client is developing different formulation and composition of fertilizers. The client approached us to identify an opportunity in the market to come up with a new formulation without Patent concern.

Solution: We have performed the exercise to understand the market of fertilizer products and generated a list of active ingredients and its patent expiry ranges and based on that information, we have enlisted few products and also proposed a different type of formulation to fill the gap in the market and to create IP through filing a patent.

The benefit to the business entity: The client agreed with our suggestion based on the report we have submitted and started developing a new formulation of an existing product by filing a provisional application and planning to finish the development by filing a complete patent application along with a PCT application.

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