Mechanical Engineering

We breathe in a knowledge-driven era that has affected a highly competitive market wherein innovation is the primary antecedent to success for a business entity. The mechanical sector is the evergreen sector as each and every engineering needs mechanical work and without that no project is complete. The mechanical sector is constantly involved in research and development of new forms of technology in order to gain a competitive edge and attain a monopoly in the market. Maintaining a great IP portfolio is also a very important consideration for them. Innovation is basically a process of having an idea and executing it to make a finished product to be offered in the marketplace. Intellectual property plays a major role in protecting innovation from potential infringers and counterfeited products in the market as well as technology cloning. A tailored IP strategy is required to protect innovations in this sector. Even protecting IP for a small screw or nut bolt can also become a game-changer.

Excelon IP offers well-suited strategies to their clients at the same time considering their business objectives and helps them attain maximum benefits from their IP portfolios. Technical experts at Excelon IP can guide you to expand your vision toward any product development and provide value addition.

Case Study

Industry: Wood Cutting Machinery Company

Project Requirements: The client is into a manufacturing machine for wood cutting machinery. They have developed a machine with unique features which were problems with earlier machines and sought our help in protecting the same.

Solution: After consulting with the client, we proposed to prepare a patent landscape report to get a clear picture of the relevant technology and features. Based on that landscape report, we identified real gape in such machine was different and based on that advised client to modify the machine to incorporate the solution and to file a patent.

The benefit to the business entity: After our suggestion and advice, the client had modified the machine and incorporated a solution to another critical problem and filed a patent application. The machine was very successful as it was addressing all the major drawbacks of earlier machines.

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