Chemical Industry

Chemical is now touching all aspects of our life. Intellectual property assets are the driving force for chemical industries. Chemical industries invest millions in discovering and creating something new and leverage their IP assets to enhance the worth of their businesses and offset their investments. Companies have a bent towards creating and acquiring IP assets as it gives an incentive of extraordinary rights to use. The processes of acquiring such assets in the industry are lengthy and expensive but, business entities get multipliers of return, investing in such significant assets to the company. Acquiring patents are pretty costly and yet more expensive if an entity wants to obtain multiple IP assets, they must consider the IP strategy wisely if they want to ensure a handsome return of their investments. If a business entity in the industry has a strong IP portfolio then they can also pursue cross-licensing viz. gaining access of IP assets of some other entity in return giving their IP rights. Cross-licensing proves to be very important to the chemical industry, necessary for many complex technologies which depend on the interaction of more than one element, for instance, a chemical formula possessing multiple components in it.

At Excelon IP, We have a team of experienced IP professionals who can understand your chemistry language and can assist you with devising an IP strategy, obtaining it and IP management in the later stages. That’s why we say “Excel Through Innovation”

Case Study 1

Industry: Pharmaceutical API manufacturing company

Project Requirements: Client was Developing a new process for manufacturing an API but facing some problem of impurity at one particular step. So they are looking for a solution to that problem of impurity after performing that particular step of the process.

The solution offered: After understanding the whole scenario, we evaluated API manufacturing process at each step and found the root cause after discussion with the technical team and based on that generated search strategy and performed search to identify relevant patents/patent applications disclosing the solution of such problems and suggested to the client to try the solutions mentioned in a patent which are already expired.

The benefit to the business entity: After a few trial and error, the client was able to manufacture the API with the same process but with little modification in one step. It helps them to finish the project within the timeline with the required purity and yield.

Case Study 2

Industry: Chemical Science University

Project Requirements: Professor at chemical university developed a chemical reagent which can be used for the diagnosis of certain disease and approached us to file a patent on that reagent.

The solution offered: After discussion, we saw great potential for the invention and suggested them IP strategy to make their invention commercial. We suggested them to file a patent for chemical reagent broadly covering similar group chemicals, the process for preparing such chemical class, and also suggested and guided to develop a diagnostic product (kit) using that chemical reagent.

The benefit to the business entity: After our suggestion, they agreed to file multiple patents and also developed a diagnostic kit to detect disease instantly and recently 2 patent was granted by IPO. Due to the grant of 2 patents, they got awards and recognition from University as well as governments and also got an investor for commercial scale-up and production.

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