Dye & Pigment Industry

Dyes and colouring pigments are used as a solution which sticks to wherever it is applied and gives an aesthetic look to the article and serves other artistic purposes. Dyes and pigment industry is directly or indirectly connected with Paints & Coatings, Textile, Printing Ink, Plastic, Other End-user Industries. Dyes also makes specific cells and organs more clear and visible for medical imaging. Dye lasers can also be used for vaporising the inks of a tattoo. Dyes and Pigments are currently in the boom as each and every product we are using in our day to day life was created with the use of one or another chemical, dye or pigments. Further due to shut down in many dye and pigment plants in china because of pollution, recently Dye and pigment industry form another region is getting good traction of orders. However, it is not permanent and the environmental factor is always a risk factor for this industry. To tackle environment factor, a whole new vertical is opening is green chemistry or green process and which has tremendous scope of innovation and IP creation. Further, there are many benefits to filing IP for the green process.

Excelon IP provides various IP services for protecting new components, products and formulations. Using our expertise, you can explore new horizons of success and attain maximum commercial protection. We foresee future trends based on our experience and global network from the diversified region and that help us to derive IP strategy based on the future trend of any technical domain.

Case Study

Industry: Dye & Pigment Manufacturing Company

Project Requirements: Client was into dye and colour pigment manufacturing company and approached us after receiving a notice of patent infringement from the third party and approached us to handle the situation.

Solution: After looking into the matter, we evaluated the whole case and found that the patent on which the notice based, was not all covering the scope of any of the products of our client. We prepared the reply with all technical evidence in comparison to claiming scope and replied back.

The benefit to the business entity: After sending our reply, there is no further notice from the third party and client felt comfortable and continued manufacturing their products without any problem.

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