Nutraceutical Industry

Acquiring IP assets for Nutraceutical is very beneficial to the business entities, also they are not difficult to obtain then pharmaceutical drugs. In contrast to the pharmaceutical industry, nutraceutical industries have to fully depend on innovation to get differentiated in the market and that’s why IP assets play a vital role in the growth of nutraceutical industries. Innovation in the nutraceutical industries and acquiring IP rights for such creations gives them a competitive edge in the market as well as become an attraction to investors. There are many ways to secure IP rights for a nutraceutical product. The biggest challenge to nutraceutical industries is that they can not invent new molecules or active compounds, they have to work on new combinations, especially synergistic combinations, new formulations, a new route of application, new product design etc. On other side nutraceutical industries have the advantage of the huge consumer population, less or no strict regulatory compliance. Due to lifestyle-based diseases and unhealthy food habits creating huge business opportunities for nutraceutical industries. To tap this fastest-growing nutraceutical market, one has to have products backed with innovation with a solid IP strategy to capture maximum benefits as well ROI from the investment.

Excelon IP with his team of experts from pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries can help you understand your business and provide an expert solution with value, addition to create strong IP assets that can help in the growth of your business. That’s why we say ” Excel Through Innovation”.

Case Study

Industry: Herbal Nutraceutical Company

Project Requirements: Company has developed a novel extraction and isolation process of an active ingredient from plant and using that active ingredient, developed formulation. The client approached us for the filing of Trademark for their formulation.

Solution: After discussing with the client about their product, we suggested them that to get maximum benefits of your research activities, you should protect your invention through all possible ways and advised them to file a patent of the novel extraction process and final composition, to file design for unique shape container of product and also help them to prepare the marketing material highlighting their IP protection.

The benefit to the business entity: The client agreed with our advice and filed two patent applications, one design and one trademark and after launch got a very positive response from the market and mainly due to their pitch on IP protection, they also got an inquiry for export to other countries.

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