Electrical Engineering

Investments in innovation are very vital to this particular sector of electrical engineering and physics. In this era of a highly competitive market where existing industries are looking to come to a top position by offering something new, and newcomers are seeking a breakthrough in the industry, innovation seems like the only medium which makes it all possible. Industries in this sector are required to innovate constantly because we live in an era of innovation, and people’ lives are getting easier through these innovations. The one who doesn’t pursue research and development for innovation might not sustain in the industry and the growth might come to a halt. To reach the level of unmatchable competition you are required to constantly innovate which also enhances the value of their business houses. Electric industries are on the high-speed pathway because of a major focus on the e-vehicle and hybrid vehicles around the world. Reduction in pollution creating a source of energy and exploring more and more natural resources for electricity generation is the buzzword today. The electrical industry is also working in collaboration with many other industrial sectors.

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Case Study

Industry: Engineering company

Project Requirements: Client was developing the electrical components for an industrial automation system and willing to protect it through patent and approached few advocates and after one month of discussion they approached us for the same as the advocate was not understanding the technical language of their invention. The client was having extreme urgency as they are exhibiting their products in an exhibition within a week.

Solution: We discussed with the client on their site with our technical expert and understood the whole product and its process with novel features. We have completed all activities of prior art search, patent drafting with 2-3 revisions after discussion with the client and filed a patent on 5th day after our first meeting.

The benefit to the business entity: Client was amazed to see our technical expertise and zeal to finish the work as committed with expected quality. Client exhibited the product with “PATENT PENDING” status and got a good response and quality leads during the exhibition.

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